Suppliers and Produce

At the White Bear, we are proud of what Britain’s farmers, fishermen etc deliver, so we only use British seasonal produce to create our menus. In 2024 we are making it our mission to tell you our customers more about the ingredients we use to create our dishes.

Sunday School

You heard it hear first we officially serve the best Sunday roast in Town! And what makes the best Sunday roast? We are glad you asked. Our roasts consist of succulent meats, vibrant veggies, golden roast potatoes, double-egg Yorkshire puddings and buckets of excellent gravy all cooked and served with love. It’s the kind of meal you can just enjoy eating, nothing too fancy just simple well-cooked food!

Once a month we are going to be sharing Sunday roasts tips and tricks from our expert chefs

The Bee Blog

We are Buzzing to introduce you to the White Bears Bees. Honeybees are essential to the UK’s domestic food production. British fruit and vegetables and our meat and dairy industries all depend on bee pollination. This is why we have made the decision to re-activate the hives in our garden. We are passionate about the welfare of bees and are so pleased we can take this step towards sustainably produced honey.

Our Hives are only just starting up but very soon we hope to be producing enough honey that there will be hints of it throughout our menus.